Unexpected Motivation & What I Learned From It

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My cat “Cookie,” (that joke writes itself) is cleaning herself as I sit here after having a blow of inspiration right to my soul. 

I watched the video below and the tears just fell.  Heck they are still falling.  BlogXilla of GlobalGrind, The No Judgement Zone, and where it all started tells his story in fifteen minutes of how he quit his job, was homeless with a child in tow, while sleeping on whoever would let him floor to push the dream that was in his heart to make his blog famous.  From MySpace writing poetry and feeling that he couldn’t string sentences together to working as a Senior Entertainment Editor for Russell Simmons, Lamar Valentine better known as BlogXilla is every essence of truth.

The video starts off with him yelling:

“Get off the couch!  I know you can do it, do it now!  Get off the couch!”

This dude had 97¢ in his bank account, was living from paycheck to paycheck and decided to quit his job as a Credit Specialist at General Electric.  He knew that if he invested in his blog he would be successful.  Real, raw, and uncut; check out his story and then see the lessons I learned.



1.    Know in your heart without a shadow of a doubt. That’s it…stop with the doubt.
2.    Invest EVERYTHING you got in your dream, even if it is your last check.
3.    You may have to miss some meals in order to see that thing through, but if you want it bad enough your stomach growling won’t deter you.
5.    You have to work harder than everyone else to be the best.  Never be satisfied with where you are right now.
6.    Don’t sweat the small stuff. Let no one pull you down and make you feel small.
7.    No matter the trials, don’t stop.  The old saying is true in that “what don’t kill, makes you stronger.”
8.    Just because you don’t have a college education doesn’t mean you can’t be great.

I can’t tell you how this spoke to my heart and spirit.  I work a great job, but it is not my life’s work; not what I want to ultimately do.  Since I just started this job, yes, I’m living paycheck to paycheck, trying to play catchup on medical bills along with keeping the lights on.

I can’t afford furniture right now, nor decorate my apartment, but it doesn’t matter because this dream I have is bigger than a couch, or pictures hanging on the wall.

I leave you with this last bit of the video in which the interview asked a final question.

INTERVIEWER:  What would you offer someone who is in your same position, someone who wakes up and is like, ok I have no money, I have this dream…?

BLOGXILLA:  You don’t need money. You don’t need money.  You don’t need anything but the ability and the will to do it now, that’s all you need.  The money will come.  You’ll find a way.  Borrow if you have to, do whatever it takes to do it and do it now. You can start the process now.

I hope this inspired you as much as it did me. 

For more of BlogXilla <<<< click.




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