Trump is President…Now What?

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I haven’t vlogged in quite some time. Actually I haven’t put a video up since the website was first put up. Today is the beginning of vlog everyday for the next 21 days.

People who are close to me know how committed I was to this election. If you are my Facebook friend you regularly saw my rants and reposts. As you know on Nov. 9th the world announced that Donald Trump was the new president-elect. Y’all, I wailed. I was so emotional on yesterday that I had to leave work. It wasn’t just about my fear as a black person per se as much as it is about how much pinned up hate has been unleashed. People who were once PC with their racism, their misogyny and xenophobia and their homophobia now feel the freedom to say and do whatever they like. Reports of women having their hijab snatched from their heads are popping up all over social media. The hate is coming out in all over the place and it is so hurtful. My son is going into the Marines so my thoughts on Trumps temperament weren’t far behind in the thought that my son could get caught up in a war.

As much as I cried yesterday, I realize that I had to grieve. I had to get that emotion out, but more than anything I need to establish a plan for going forward. Check out the video below.


How are you doing after the election and what are your plans to move forward?

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