Quit?! Why? You’re Almost There.

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Icon_Inspiration-Category_200x200“It is darkest before dawn.”

Sure this is an old saying that sounds cliché, but metaphorically and spiritually it is true.  It gets REALLY hard towards the end of any race.  You know that last mile just before you cross the finish line in that 5k?  I couldn’t see the finish line during chemotherapy.
I had two more grueling sessions of chemo that would once again knock me on my butt.  I was tired, it was 100 plus degrees in September and I wanted to quit.  I was tired of being stuck, prodded and feeling like someone had dropped an anvil in my lap.  Never mind that I was more than half way done.

YouAreAlmostThereThe finish line was in sight, and all I wanted to do was sit down, pout and not move from that spot.  For Christ sake, I only had two left, but that didn’t matter.  No one knows this (not even my family), but I had made up my mind that I was done.

You see, I  was the “positive one.”  I was working and taking care of others while receiving treatments and I was exhausted.  But then a small voice let me know to get off my butt and that I could do it.

I need not tell you that I went to the next round of chemo and the next and was done.  The nurses at the West Clinic rang the bell to celebrate my completion of eight rounds of chemotherapy.  Yes, I had fifteen rounds of radiation and a surgery to go, but I made it.  You can as well.

Whatever race you have to run, whatever issue you have to see yourself through, you can and will do it.

I won’t tell you that it doesn’t get hard.  Heck yeah it gets hard, but you made it this far.  You’re gonna give up now?

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