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Funny how you forget about the things you have done and how you got to certain places. I was interviewed by Dr. Phoenyx Austin in 2011 about why I decided to go natural with my hair. Intrigued by my story, she decided to do an interview with me.


We often talk about hair and natural hair journeys on CurlyNikki. And since October is a very special month, today I wanted to share the special journey of a woman named Pamela Williams- a woman who found her way to natural hair though her own personal journey of courage and healing. Here’s her story…

Imagine for a minute that you are in your doctor’s office. You made this appointment because you’ve got a pesky infection on your thumb that won’t clear up from the antibiotics you’ve been taking. So this time the doctor offers a prescription for a different antibiotic. You thank him, go to get the medication and head home.

When you get home, you head to the bathroom to tend to your thumb and while there you notice a small lump under your armpit. You figure it must be related to the thumb infection that won’t clear up, so you take your antibiotics and continue on about your day.

A few days later you get a letter in mail alerting you that it’s time for your annual mammogram. You make the appointment and head on in, certain that this checkup will be normal like the rest. You’ve been relatively healthy all your life. You’re a 42 year old woman with no other issues other than mild asthma. And OK, you do have a few extra pounds that you’re working to get rid of. But who doesn’t have a few pounds they’d also like to lose?

After your mammo appointment you go home, and then receive a call a couple days later to come back into the office. You’re confused as to why, but you head on in. When you get into the doctor’s office, he sits you down and tells you that they’ve found a few abnormalities on your mammogram and will need to do a biopsy. You don’t think much of it. Actually you had a similar incident a few years ago where a benign lump was removed from your left breast. So you schedule the biopsy, get it done, and go home.

Read the full interview on Curly Nikki.


I posted this interview to remind myself and others that your beauty isn’t dependent upon anything or anyone, but how you feel about yourself. At the time of this interview, I struggled with my natural hair and whether I would be attractive with kinky hair. That struggle is no longer an issue. I love my natural curls and hair texture.


Me 2015


This is a reminder that the struggle does go away. You may find a new struggle as we all do in life, but know that it too will go away.

What issues do you struggle with in your quest for self love?  Let me know in the comments.






  1. Dana James Mwangi

    August 3, 2015 at 12:04 am

    I’m SO glad you posted this Pam! This is great!

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