The Mean Things You Say to Yourself

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After watching #OneBeautifulThought, I sat my desk and cried. I had to get myself in check because I was at my day job.


This video got me to seriously thinking about all the negative things I think about myself and I am sad at how mean even I was to me.

• You look like Winnie the Pooh. Pooh-bear
• Your boobs are square.
• Why didn’t you consider braces?
• You got one fat arm and one skinny arm.
• You don’t have pretty feet.
• You can’t tuck your shirt in.

Most days I am positive about myself, but watching this video just brought home all the unconscious ways I put myself down.

I can remember seeing a woman a few months ago in Target and thinking to myself “If I just had her shape or was her size.” Again I was unconsciously putting myself down.

We as women are programmed psychologically to hate our bodies and it is a shame.

Society and the media push these false ideals and because we as women aspire to unattainable perfection we continue around and around in destructive cycles.

Model We want to look like the models in the magazines airbrushed to perfection.  We want the perfectly coiffed hair and the perfectly round butt. We want the blemish free skin and the svelte physique.

We have made the diet industry a billion dollar one idolizing other folk. There are ads on the internet to buy waist trainers and stories of the women who have died from getting butt injections to get a bigger butt. This all to do what, look some how different….better.

It is all so crazy how we have convinced ourselves that somehow we are not okay. We tell ourselves, if we change this one thing, we will be okay. That one thing turns into many things. We are never satisfied. All the while doing damage to our psyche that will hurt us down the line. We fall in line with not only fat shaming others, but ourselves as well.

I pledge to myself that this stops today. No more subliminal messages of hate.

I just purchased a cheval mirror a month ago. I bought it to view myself full length when dressing, but I will also be using it to really look at my WHOLE self.

I will have a sign made to post above the mirror that says YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! So when I look in my mirror I will see a constant reminder that I am beautiful and know that my reflection will emulate the words above my head.


Are you unconsciously speaking hate about your body?

STOP, because you are BEAUTIFUL!!

Let me know how you feel in the comments below.


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