Manifesting and 5 Ways To Get What You Want

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You don’t have to look hard to find references to the Law of Attraction.  There are books, articles, and workshops pointing toward this not so new phenomenon.  I won’t rehash the history of LOA, but if you look you will see #LOA #lawofattraction hashtags all over social media.

People are using this to manifest all sorts of things in their life, including money, homes, and spouses.  I first got wind of it when I watched the movie “The Secret” based off the book by Rhonda Byrne.  I figured what did I have to lose, by trying it.  It is rooted in the common thought that what you think/believe you become.  For those who are religious just refer to Proverbs 23:7.

I have practiced LOA on occasion often manifesting a parking space when I thought and believed that I would get a close one.  I decided this year to really get serious about what I want in my life by practicing the art of manifesting.

GratitudeJarAt the beginning of 2014, I started a Gratitude Jar.  In this jar, I place little notes to the Universe for the things I am grateful for even if I don’t see them in the physical yet.  Things like “Thank you for peace in my family, home, and in my spirit today and every day” (check) or “Thank you for my new job” (check again).  I would also place affirmations in the jar.  Most recently, I placed in my jar “I AM Money.”  I have done this on a few other occasions, but this past weekend, I saw manifestation on the very same day.

I was asked to participate in a market data survey about the upcoming elections in November and was told I would be paid $125 for my time.  I agreed and made plans to go.  That morning as I was going about my day, I decided to write for my jar.

20140914_133300I wrote the note, placed it in the jar, and forgot about it.  I got to the place to participate in the research session and was given a raffle ticket of sorts.  I placed it in my pocket and went in to fill out some more paperwork and eat the lunch that was provided.  The little old lady that gave me the ticket came in shaking a basket.  I was focused on my phone when she pulled out a ticket and asked who had ticket #100521.

Because I was so engrossed in my phone, a lady beside me said “you better check your ticket.”  I, not thinking reached in my pocket and pulled it out and said that I had the winning ticket.  I then asked “what did I win.”  I missed the announcement that there would be a prize given because I had gotten there a few minutes late.  The ladies in the room all yelled “YOU WON $100!!!” 

20140906_1908251I was shocked beyond any words.  I instantly thought about my note to the Universe and offered up a silent heartfelt thank you.

I believe that the answer is always Yes.  Whatever you ask from the Universe, the answer will always be YES.  Whatever you believe to be so, the answer will always be YES. If you say you are dog tired, the Universe will say, YES.  That is because you believe you are dog tired.  Why would the Universe disagree with you?  If you say you are rich beyond all that you can comprehend, then the Universe will again say, YES.



With that said, there are a few major keys to manifesting your desires.
(1)    Be specific. When asking/praying for something, ask for that something specifically.  Want a house? Ask the Universe for the house in specifics such as number of bedrooms and bathrooms.  How you want your foyer to look or if you want a screened in sunroom.
(2)    Be grateful. After putting your request out there in the Universe, give thanks for what you have received.  Start that gratitude jar.  Decorate it and in it put notes to the Universe all the things you are thankful to have….even if you don’t see them yet.
(3)    See it.  Start visualizing what it is you want.  See it in your mind’s eye. See yourself enjoying that thing you want.  It is scientifically proven that your mind cannot tell the difference between what is real and what you imagine.
(4)    Forget about it.  So this may seem contradictory, but when I say forget about it, I mean stop worrying about it.  A lot of times when we ask for something we worry if it will come to pass.  We worry if we will ever get that thing we have asked for.  That means you have doubt.  Doubt is the quickest way to NOT  get what you have asked for because you don’t believe it is yours.
(5)    Receive it.  Know that what you have asked for is yours.  Believing is good, but knowing is so much better.  It is that firm conviction that you have what you want and need.

Are you using the Law of Attraction to manifest your desires?  If so, tell me how in the comments below.





  1. Sedaria

    February 3, 2015 at 11:16 am

    Yes, I believe and see everyday my businesses coming to fruition and being prosperous. I see it and I believe it-I am making it happen by asking/praying and then forgetting about it.

    • Pam Williams

      February 15, 2015 at 12:18 am

      YES!!! Once we forget about it, we can stop worrying about it. It is only when our mind stays on a thing that we begin to pick it apart and wonder. We have to let it go.

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