Life Beyond Size 6


I had to put the rice cake down and stop dieting, because diets don’t work.  I wrote Life Beyond Size 6 to share with you my story of the many times I went on Slim•Fast, Atkin’s, or The South Beach diet only to find out that they don’t work.

I had to figure out, sometimes the hard way, that if I didn’t already feel good myself no diet would help me achieve that.

Going through life trying to fit in wasn’t easy especially when nothing fit. I soon figured out that I didn’t have to fit in at all. For so long I lived the depressed ‘fat girl’ life when I could have been living life as the Full-figured Queen I was meant to be. Not everyone is meant to look like a runway supermodel and I was determined to stop killing myself trying to. Life Beyond Size 6 encourages you to embrace your whole self without apology. In Life Beyond Size 6, I explore African American history and culture and discuss how black women are genetically inclined to have “hips and butt.” Even the stereotype of ‘Black folk and fried chicken’ is dispelled. I include exercises to boost self esteem and confidence throughout the book to encourage you to love yourself as you are.

“You can eat healthy and exercise and not call it dieting” is just a hint of the advice I give throughout.  Everything from the overused and harsh ‘F’ word to sex and the full-figured woman is packed this tome.  You will laugh and possibly cry as I share the joys of my self-realization and one of my painful yet funny experiences of going to a co-ed gym full of ‘perfect bodies.’

“Life Beyond Size 6” tells of my obsession with diets, weight and trying to become the societal standard of beauty.  The message of “I’m ok” becomes vividly apparent as you go with me on the path I have discovered.  It is in this book that I share my discoveries with you as I go from America’s version of the “Fat Girl” to my very own version of a “Sexy Full-Figured Queen”.

My body has gone through many changes since the first release of this book.  I had to revisit some of the same advice that I doled out back in 2006.  With this different body go with me as figure out how to embrace this new form.  Stay tuned for an updated version of my life beyond size 6. 

Updated E-book Coming Soon!!