#ImNoAngel, but I’m Sexy Though!

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Between Dove and Lane Bryant I am getting ALL my life!!

Lane Bryant launched their Cacique Campaign #ImNoAngel and I AM HERE FOR IT!

The women featured in this campaign are gorgeous and sexy. HOT is the word here. Lane Bryant is stepping up their game big time. On their web page LB encourages you to “Share Your Sexy.”  on their social media.  Women from all over are redefining sexy.

Honey, I see all shades, shapes and sizes of beauty staring back at me and I love it!!

I am so happy that Lane Bryant has become more VOCAL about the normal size women that they cater to. We needed the big businesses that we patronize to use their platform to speak up and Lane Bryant has in a huge way.  We have been bombarded for decades with the antithesis of that and it is about time the doors have been thrown open to show that beauty and sex appeal can come from any woman no matter the number on a scale.


Just ask Tess Munster founder of #effyourbeautystardards the first model size 22 to land a MAJOR modeling contract. BOSS!! 

The #ImNoAngel campaign has made many sit up and take notice and to that I say WELL DONE!

The hoopla about LB throwing shade at Victoria’s Secret is malarkey.  Realize that for so long the standard of beauty has been small in every way (mentally and physically). Lane Bryant is just shining the light on normal size women who look sexy too. Linda Heasley, CEO and President for Lane Bryant has stated,

“Our ‘#ImNoAngel’ campaign is designed to empower ALL women to love every part of herself. Lane Bryant firmly believes that she is sexy and we want to encourage her to confidently show it, in her own way.”

I would be remissed if I didn’t give my review of the Cacique Intimates brand. I actually purchased a Cacique Smooth Boost Plunge bra the weekend before the campaign hit. I LOVE this bra. It fits like a glove, gives excellent support and is SO SEXY! I had to stand in the mirror and admire the way I look in it.

But back to the campaign, the sexiness that is Ashley, Justine, Elly, Marquita, Candice & Victoria has gone viral. They are bossing it up with Salt-n-Pepa on a bus and everything. LOVE!!

These ladies are letting you know that while they are no angels, they are all kinds of sexy anyway.


Have you redefined your sexy?  If so tell me how in the comments.


Photos courtesy of Lane Bryant and Tess Munster



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