“Girl You’re Wearing That!?”

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“Dear Pam,

My BFF embarrasses me when we go out.  Her clothes are all wrong for her size and shape.  I love her dearly, but I can’t bear to do another girl’s night out with her in those ill-fitting outfits. She thinks she looks sexy while she really looks….well disgusting. I know I sound like a horrible friend and I probably am, but you would feel the same way, if your friend’s butt dimples and cellulite shown through her extra tight and clingy polyester stretch pants.  And that isn’t the half of it.

How do I tell my friend that her wardrobe is all wrong and not hurt her feelings?”

The Better Dressed Friend

Dear “Better Dressed,”

Friends don’t let friends go out looking any kind of way.  Your embarrassment is one thing, but your lack of true friendship is another. Why are you letting your girl go out looking like a sack of potatoes?  To say she looks disgusting is a bit raw.  You are worried about her feelings being hurt, but wow, the thoughts you have are….Anyway, let’s get to it.

One of the questions I would ask first is does your friend have the funds to replace her wardrobe?  Maybe that is all she has. 

I’m sure you didn’t become her friend because of the outfit she had on at the time.  Have you guys ever gone shopping together?  Do you wear similar sizes or have you ever just had a makeover day?This is not that hard to fix, depending on your friend’s mentality toward her style. 

stock-footage-two-female-friends-with-shopping-bags-looking-at-shop-windowWhy don’t you ask her to go shopping with you one day and you both try on clothes and critique each other’s choices. 

Let her know “uh uh, girl that is showing all of your rolls,” and tell her you try to steer clear of anything that would not enhance your physique.  Also look at some foundation pieces.  Maybe she just needs to have some Spanx or Assets (Target’s more economical version) to smooth everything out.

I can see so many remedies to this situation, but you feeling disgusted by your friend’s “look” is just wrong.  Dig a little deeper and see how you can first check yourself, then help your friend out.  I’m sure it isn’t the end of the world or your girl’s night. 



Icon_Sensible-Homework_220x220bSensible Homework:

  • Depending on your friend’s budget, take her out for a girl’s day of shopping. Try the thrift shops and anything that fits her pocketbook.  Make a day of it with lunch with the both of you trying on things.  You can also tell her that you would like to give her a makeover because you feel she deserves it.
  • Get together and watch a marathon run of “What Not to Wear” on TLC and take note of the suggestions.  You can start with this video.

Have you ever been faced with a similar situation? 

Let me know in the comments how you would help your friend with a new look.

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