Finding Your Passion & 5 Killer Steps to Making It Happen

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Icon_Inspiration-Category_200x200How many times have you read an article that talked about how to find your passion?

If you are like me, you can’t count the number of magazine articles or books exclaiming how to find something that was deep inside of you.  I have also watched countless television programs in which the host and guests bounced ideas on how to get from here to there only to walk away with yet no clue where I was going nor how to get there.  But want to hear the kicker?  Sure you do.  The writer or guest would say in the very next moment “everyone won’t get rich off of their passion.”

Pause….let me throw a caveat in here now because I know you have already went there.  If you are saying, right now this moment, that finding your passion and what you want to do with your life is not about money, moolah, greenbacks, cheese, then not only are you fooling yourself, but you might just stay broke for the rest or your life or at the very least keep working that dead end job.

always-follow-your-passion-rocks-up_2501Back to the post at hand.  The writer said that “not everyone will get rich off of their passion.”  SAY WHA….?  Not only did this leave me clueless, but a little disheartened as well.  Here I was searching for that thing that gave me purpose.  That beat of my heart that wakes me up in the morning with drive and vigor to move toward my dreams only to be told I might not make any money.  Nope, I’m not excepting that.  BUT, and I say BUT, making money shouldn’t be the sole reason of finding your purpose.  I had so much to figure out and while those articles and television programs gave me some things to ponder, but the question remained, “what am I supposed to be doing?” If any of this sounds familiar, you are probably struggling with this too.


Icon_Sensible-Homework_220x220bSo here are some tips to get you started on finding your passion:

  • If you have ever gotten out of bed smiling, what was the reason?  Concentrate on the things that make you want to get out of bed and move.
  • What do you do effortlessly that you don’t even have to think about?  Is it dancing, writing, or making a slamming cup of coffee?
  • I remember as a kid laying under the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve eager to go to sleep because I knew there would be a great present for me when I awakened.  But you know what was more important than that gift, catching Santa Clause.  My brother and I would lay under the tree waiting to catch Santa coming down the chimney.  Never mind that we didn’t have a chimney, only a vent pipe, we were going to catch the big man.  Take it back to your childhood, even your teenage days.  What did you dream of doing?  Do you still have those dreams? That may be part of your purpose.
  • Friends are valuable resources.  Ask them what you bring to the friendship.  Listen to what they say about your contributions to their life.  Are you a good listener? Are you the answer person?  Do you make the best “break up pie” there is?
  • Who do you look up to?  Are these people doing things that you have talents and gifts for?  You may be drawn to them for a reason.  Make a list of who you feel guides you toward ideas.  I have a number of people that inspire me.  My list includes Marie Forleo, Necole Kane, Issa Rae, and a host of others that all remind me of my dream and that anything is possible.


Icon_Sensible-Homework_200x160If you are on the track to finding your passion, purpose, or in other words what you want to do in your life, then here are some killer ways to get there quick:

  1. Brainstorm how to get to where you want to be.  Think outside the box. It sounds cliché and many don’t really know what that means, but it simply means to do something that has been done and put a twist on it.  Let’s face it there is no rediscovering fire.  The cave men put a lock on that almost a million years ago, but you can put a twist on how it burns.  Look at what you do and see if anyone does it like you.  Can you do it better? Make it special; research ideas, pictures, videos, or music. Sometimes ideas come from just listening to some music that inspires you.  Pay attention to colors and shapes.  What do these things stir up in you?  Take a trip to the art gallery, the zoo, or down to the beach or river.  People watch or just pick up a book and read.  Sometimes that escape to another land will invoke imagery, thus ideas.

    A friend of mine dog sits for people.  I told her to take her business mobile and add grooming to her list of services.  She can not only pick up the pooches instead of the client delivering, but she can also have mobile grooming services for other dogs.  There are dog parks in cities all over the country.  Park your truck in a dog park and hand out cards and flyers to gain new clients. 

    Kool Kids Sno Konez is another great example of how to put a twist on an idea. Read their story here.

  2. Pay attention to what you do when you are on automatic pilot.  Make a list.  What comes easy and feels natural every time you do it?
  3. Visualize where you want to be.  See yourself with that bakery serving your prize winning, melt-in-your-mouth cupcakes.  See your favorite celebrity walking in and exclaiming your fare to be the best in the world. See that same celebrity asking you to provide deserts for their next gathering.  You’re shaking hands and smiling.  After they leave you are jumping up and down with your partner in disbelief.  Now meditate on that.  Do you see yourself doing something odd or different that no one else is doing?  Marie Forleo has a great video that gives advice on how to visualize and get better results.  There are some great worksheets to help you work it out as well.
  4. Reach out to one of the people on your list and ask them to mentor you.  Or find a coach; someone that can cultivate that talent deep inside.
  5. Develop a plan.  Most folk think you have to have a well thought out technical business plan to develop your passion.  Sometimes all of that can hinder your progress.  The plan in which I speak involves a simple notebook and a pencil listing things you need and need to do with dates of completion.  Now DO IT!!

Trust that what is truly in your heart and spirit will be brought to your mind. 

It is the hardest thing to listen, but sometimes you just have to get in a quiet space and calm those voices in your head.  The ones that want to complain or that want to be jealous of someone else’s rise, the ones that tell you your dream isn’t possible.  Negative voices and energy will rob you of the very thing you seek.  With that said this may be another cliché, but love and be grateful for exactly where you are right now.  It is hard and I won’t tell you that I have mastered this, but it is possible to just say thank you Universe for the privilege to be right here right now.

Saying you are thankful and then say “but” right after is NOT being grateful.

Being grateful opens the door because your attitude says you are ready for bigger and better things.  Find ways to make sure that you are ready to embrace your purpose.  Make sure you are prepared in every way to live out your calling.

Tell me in the comments section what you did to find your passion and how you made it happen.



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