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5 Ways to Put Yourself First: I Personally Use #2

woman relaxing on the beach

This past weekend I enjoyed a night out by myself at a lovely restaurant.  While there, I watched as a mom sat at an adjacent table and never took a bite of her meal.  She instead fed or tried to feed her two-year old, while what looked to be her five or six year old and husband enjoyed their meals.  My food had come and gone while mom sat with a plate of food growing increasingly cold and pushed toward the middle of the table.  Dad and the older child were finished and watched as mom wrestled to get some semblance of nutrition into the stubborn toddler.

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Fat Shaming is for Cowards!


Social media has become a place where internet gangsters can post up and insult people at whim. How anyone can think that humiliation is helpful to another baffles me.  You can call it “tough love,” but fat shaming is mean and a bullying tactic. It only sets people up for the possibilities of developing unhealthy habits as well as mental health issues such as depression and eating disorders.  Yes, I know the statistics on obesity in America and yes I know that to some “bullying” is an overused word, but if you think that embarrassing a person will result in sending them to the gym, think again.

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Why you don’t support other women & 5 Ways To Stop Being a Bitch!




I had a taste for a caramel mocha coffee from Starbucks a couple of weeks ago. 

I had a gift card and figured it was about time I used it.  The line was long and everybody seemed to have the same idea.  A guy was at the only register open, ordering a Grande coffee with the longest name I have ever heard.  There was only one other person behind the counter and he was making the drinks.

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